Butts for Laughs” – A Tale of Two Besties and a Cheeky Adventure


In this side-splitting short, two unlikely best friends – Sarah (the quiet, reserved type) and Rachel (a loudmouthed wild child) decide to record their very first YouTube vlog. Armed with makeup tutorials, challenges and comedy skits; these ladies are destined for viral stardom! But little do they know that hidden within one particular video challenge lies something entirely unexpected – an accidental anal intrusion involving an ill-fitted butt plug! What starts as another hilarious mishap between BFFs soon escalates into panic when it becomes impossible to remove the offending item. Stuck together through thick or thin – quite literally at this point – these fearless funny girls power through each new obstacle with comedic flair while attempting desperately not to pee on themselves or break character! By the end of it all? Their friendship might just be stronger than ever before… if only someone could find some WD40!!
Tags: bestfriends | youtube | comedy

Date: May 14, 2024

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