Orgasmic Rent Collecting: The Shocking Story of Landlord Sixx and Her Arousing Job


A salacious story unfolds as a female landlord, code-named ‘Sixx,’ takes on an unconventional method of collecting rent. Instead of demanding cold hard cash, she requires tenants to surrender their climaxes through explicit and intimate interactions. Despite initial shock, many soon find themselves seduced by her enigmatic charm; drawn into a world filled with carnal desires that seem impossible to resist. However, not all tenants are willing participants in this erotic exchange – sparks fly between those seeking refuge from poverty versus those who choose to stand their ground in defiance against such depraved demands from authority figures. Follow along as tensions rise alongside libidos in “Orgasmic Rent Collecting: The Shocked Story of Landlord Sixx and Her Arousing Job.”

Tags: Kinky Financial Arrangements

Date: May 14, 2024
Actors: CHUCK / Savannah Sixx

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