Succubus Seduction at St. Mary’s School for Girls


Enter a world where innocence meets debauchery, where forbidden desires come to life. At the prestigious St. Mary’s School for Girls, an unexpected visitor awakens hidden fantasies within the students and staff alike – she is none other than Lilith, a seductive female succubus whose sole purpose is to indulge in sinful pleasures with mortals! Among her victims is our protagonist Sarah who finds herself powerless against Lilith’s bewitching charms. As they explore every corner of their sexuality together, boundaries blur between teacher and student; consent becomes irrelevant as these two women give into pure lustful ecstasy. Will anyone else fall prey to this sultry temptress or will Sarah manage to break free from her devilish grasp? Find out now in this erotic tale filled with forbidden desires! Tags: schoolgirl succubus teacher student lesbian erotica sex demons

Date: May 14, 2024

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