The Unprofessional Work Trip: Bellesa Films’ Naughty Business Mix-Up


A work trip gone wrong? Or the start of a steamy office romance? You be the judge! Our leading lady finds herself stuck on a business trip with an equally attractive male colleague. As their initial tension turns into something more, they realize that this mix-up could actually lead to something unexpectedly exciting. The lines between professionalism and personal pleasure blur as they explore each other’s bodies in hotel rooms, elevators, and even under desks! Witness how their hidden lust for one another manifests itself in some truly unprofessional ways. This naughty story from Bellesa Films will leave you questioning what really happens behind closed doors during work trips.

Tags: Bellesa Films, work trip, office romance

Date: May 14, 2024
Actors: Chad White / Penny Pax

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